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KT Foundation envisions a brighter future for the U.S by providing a stronger foundation for children to build on


Rebuilding communities and enhancing the lives of women and children in domestic violence shelters

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More than just a Non-profit

Improving our funding capabilitties

Founder Kevin Tito is an American Businessman who has an extensive background in the construction industry and has brought together a board and team to build a non-profit that has the funding capability to grow across the U.S and beyond


KT Foundation is being created to last and built in the same fashion as any large successful company in the U.S

Mental Health is such a U.S emergency and crucial need to create a successful future for our youth or anyone suffering from abuse situations

Our Team

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Joining our network with U.S leadership

KT believes in building relationships with success and a reason to believe in a program to build a better future for our country that we all love so much we can all give just a little bit through Time-Talent-Treasure-Networking and having a Voice that we can overcome what most feels impossible 

Your Contribution won't go unnoticed

KT'S effort will be seen by millions and just a little effort gives your work the ability to be presented in front of millions of viewers and join our network that will increase your business opportunities 

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$1=4x Return on investment


For every dollar raised we can increase value in education for victims of abuse, rebalance brain chemistry, raise awareness in PTSD for all victims of abuse and create bright futures that will in return invest back into the community through their reborn future.

If we can create a vision, newfound passion, want and the right support we can help children at a younger age gain the knowledge on how to build a brighter future and have all the mentorship and hands-on training and guiding loving hands through their success. 

By creating a stronger foundation for our youth we can create more success by what they are passionate about. We then tackle those goals step by step until they reach a strong future and success. A want to succeed and an occupation that rewards the community.

Children and victims of abuse don't have a choice of their environment. We are creating that opportunity that in the end creates a big return of investment into our country



Rebuilding communities and creating more available housing across the U.S is so important to our countries future safety and well-being. Sign up today!


Volunteering is so critical to a non-profit's success. Our team of volunteers makes so much of a difference and we are always needing help. Sign up today!


Enhancing shelter

We are currently developing a master plan for a new state-of-the-art shelter focused on new ways of treating mental health and creating more success for victims of abuse. Sign up to join us!



Use your passion and profession to build a learning atmosphere with your spin on it, in a fun environment that helps victims of abuse heal and overcome through your mentorship. Sign up today!


We all can play a part in making difference, join us today

Girl with Horse


At KT Foundation we believe in the power of therapy using animals, and different things that excite children and build passion like aircraft, machinery, and other cool things on top of counseling, mentorship, and coaching. We can make a bigger impact on mental health. Join us to help bring more excitement to children's lives. Sign up to get involved!


Birthday parties are such a fun way to celebrate a new year of hope. For so many this is normal but not every child is lucky enough to have a birthday. We give kids hope and joy on their birthday every month for all the kids during that month and let them enjoy a full birthday party with gifts from our sponsors. Join us to make birthdays come true for children!

Family at Outdoor Event


One way's we raise money is to throw spectacular events that also lift the community up through different speakers that are mentors and leaders of the community. Our events are geared to not only having a blast but bringing the community back together for a fun filled jam packed event. SIgn up today to help us with event planning and organizing! 



We believe in addressing the community by speaking and lifting our crowd, giving hope to the audience, and through our work and speaking we build more hope, love, and focus to something we are all hopeful for to bring peace and show people we have a heart bigger than the stage and that's to inspire and spread joy, leaving them with a gift for their journey well beyond the event 

Charity Drive

Give what you can to make a difference through

Time-Talent-Treasure-Voice- networking

Assembly Hall


We work to change and law legislation for victims of abuse, mental health, and shelter reform, education, and anything that benefits a child's well-being and protects a child's future. Help us by getting involved today so we can bring forever change that improves our countries well being

Brand Marketing

What is so cool about KT Foundation is you can sponsor any of our programs and get free marketing! Including events, radio, tv, magazine, website, and our rebuild program. We have so many ways to broadcast your brand with us through the community. People love seeing companies give back and a great way to grow your marketing. Sign up today to schedule an appointment!


Make a big impact and be rewarded for it when the local community drives by one of our projects that are strongly marketed. The community will know who is making a difference and shop with your company. We have created the ultimate opportunity to get your name on signage and banners in front of every project we are involved in. Sign up today to set up an appointment to see what we can do for your brand! 

Basketball Game

Events for victims

Victims at KT Foundation get a behind-the-scenes experience with different sponsors such as sporting events, acting, concerts, and much more. We are always looking for ways to create a dream-like setting that can inspire and grow passion and have them after the show or event talk with our victims to inspire them to have faith and look ahead and bring mentorship through magnificent places that inspire them to create. Sign up today to get involved! 

Interested in joining us?

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