Promoting family events

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Help us organize large and small charity events

We need your help organizing a wide range of community events 

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Events are a key way to raise more money for community efforts

Events not only give us a way to raise money for charity. It also gives us a way to lift the community and spread hope, love, and a passion for the difference we can make when we come together.  Through a fun jam-packed event including concerts, races, tournaments, local community venues that offer extreme sports, and other fun things that families love with speeches from successful leaders that share our passion to help promote a solution and create a spark in others how they could make a difference at every stage of their life. We will be creating a fun way to lift and build what our country needs hope, and a plan everyone can believe in and we have that plan

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Creating memories and raising money for charity

Concerts-Car Shows-Racing- Tournaments-Barbeques-Community Engagement and More!

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We need volunteers please sign up to help us raise more funds so we can pursue our mission

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Join us for Birthday parties to celebrate a child's birthday. We need birthday items, gifts and volunteers


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The benefits of our events


Different packages including stage recognition, radio advertisement and much more at premier large and small events that are highly marketed 

Raising Awareness

With every event, we have the chance to broadcast our cause to over 100k  people plus and thousands more on local radio

Signing kids future

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Raising money for PTSD free treament services

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