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Caring Child

Make a difference in a child or abuse victims life 

How to Help

"This plan is going to change the world"
                - Fortune 500 Company CEO

programs for kids

Child Activities

Utilizing activities that are cool and fun to children like aviation, riding horses, tractor operation, and much more that create real-life experiences, opportunities,  exciting memories that spark an interest in dreams that promote achieving their goals

Chemistry Balancing

Using things that kids are passionate about that creates a spark of excitement while utilizing counseling, coaching, and mentoring we can achieve balancing the chemistry in a fun and new way 

Improving shelter

We are improving and developing shelters and housing that offer's a complete support system that offers all the necessary support to overcome trauma and turn it into a success story that changes the world


We offer a wide range of mentorship programs that focus on building faith, passion, finances, business opportunity, trade teachers,  having fun, and utilizing others professions and passion's to make a difference in a child or any victim that suffers from mental health or PTSD. 

What we can achieve

Pulling people together

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Build a more stable future

Treat mental health quicker


Improve education 

More awareness for child PTSD

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Improve legilistation

Click below to serve

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You are so important

 Volunteers are so crucial to our program and we need your help in many different areas. As we push across the U.S we will need an army to achieve this big task and we have many fun positions to volunteer available. Join us and be a part of the change that our country has become dependant on. Mental health is a growing epidemic and we need your help 



Your passion helps

Mentors are such a blessing to spark new interest and give victims of abuse hope and spark a new area of interest that ultimately gives them options and opportunities through their healing process that lifts them and allows us to lead them on a path of success after recovery and promote new job positions 


Build Faith and Hope

Love is alive in the air

We need people to spread love and hope to those hurt and pray with them to heal and shed some light on our past and how we overcame our trials and tribulations. God is so powerful in healing the hurt.  With God in our lives, we can overcome so much and move on from the pain and into healing more efficiently


Help us build

Rebuild communities & improve shelter

We are looking for sponsors and people to donate time to help us rebuild communities and build a state of the art facility for domestic abuse victims as well as a children facility on 30 acres. The Disney of shelters is what we like to refer it to. There is significant growing need for more shelter space and available housing for transitioning

Girl at the Pediatrician

 Our Mission

The greatest feeling is knowing we have a program that goes above and beyond to protect victims of abuse and create a successful future for children~ Volunteer

Children in the Garden


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