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  To offer as many children and mother's as possible who have been abused without a opportunity,  a opportunity of a lifetime and one that is filled loads of fun, love and joy. 


KT's mission is to mentor children and women while at shelters, invited kids and mothers to enjoy the day at our mini ranch to escape and the freedom to explore opportunities of a lifetime!


Our Goal right now is pulling enough resources together to open the KT'S Mini Ranch and long term goal is to build a extended stay resort style ranch for children and mothers who have built their relationship with the Lord through a step x step program. 


  Abuse has hit record numbers do to the times and we could use as much support as possible. If you would like to donate to the cause please hit the donation button below.  


  Other ways is through grants, corporate contributions, event fundraising and every residential and commercial property Kevin Tito develops, 10% will be donated to the mission!

  Military Veteran Charity Event May            28th-30th


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  Opening Soon

Inspired by a life-changing event, KT FOUNDATION was established in 2020 in Caddo Mills, Tx. We are a registered Non-Profit 501 (c) 3. Our goal is to become one of the most trusted and effective charitable foundations, working hard to improve the lives of those in need. Our primary focus is supporting victims of domestic abuse in local communities and shelters. We also host military veterans where they can use our day use KT'S MIni Ranch therapy relief center on days we don't use the property for children and mother's. KT Foundation Mini Ranch is opening soon and we are so excited! Kevin Tito Founder of KT Foundation is a  entrepreneur and investor who's key focus and goal is to continue to grow his brand in property development projects to fund a massive community project and something never done in the history of mental health. Kevin Tito has a long history of working with children and adults that suffer with PTSD and trauma after learning how to overcome his battle through faith and different holistic approaches. After working with children and women and greatly reducing anxiety and depression seen with PTSD and trauma. Over the years he has  studied different approaches by doctors, counselors, life coaches different he could see some ways he could greatly improve mental health recovery and cut cost across the U.S. while keeping families together if possible.  It is no surprise the country is lacking in mental health solutions and a new way that would progress to a better and more fun way to healing and a full recovery is on it's way.  More attraction for the eye and a better spark by growing our love and faith in the Lord, building creativity, growing passion's  through our mini ranch day use therapy center. Where we offer a fun loving home on acreage that provides natural oasis retreat and amenities beyond what is available in all of DFW for therapy that sits on beautiful acreage with trees and a creek that includes home cooked meals and and family style barbeques!  We are also working on a resource book and shuttle service where mothers and children will be able to pick anything in the book with things like aviation training facilities, ranch and horse racing, rodeo's behind the scenes, NBA and NFL court and field experience, concert back stage opportunities and much more thanks to our growing partners and sponsorships. We will also offer workshops on campus, offering a learning a trade program through college and specialty business's,  add activities , gardens and other projects that benefit victims of abuse. We are also working with our partners and sponsors to treat mothers and children with restaurant outings, movie nights, Six Flag, waterpark days and much more.  We could use as much help as possible. Domestic abuse hit a all time high in 2019 and with tough times on the horizon, domestic abuse will only get worse. Our community and the U.S is in a troubling time. By investing in our children across the U.S we are making a investment in our countries future by spreading the word, donating or volunteering we can come together redirect resources and overtime we will build a legacy together, great commercial advertisement in communities through our rebuild the community program for less fortunate and veterans.  Call Kevin today to learn more and schedule a guided tour and come see the vision and awesome things in store! 

Volunteers Info

  Thank You for your interest to become a volunteer. We are always in need of volunteers  and without our volunteers help nothing would be possible. Leave us a message on our contact form and how you would like to volunteer and someone will get back to shortly. 

  •  Child Advocacy Volunteer

  •  Office receptionist

  •  Event Coordinator and Promotors

  •  Event Volunteers

  •  Shelter Volunteer and Mentoring

  •  Mini Ranch Mowing Work 

  •  Mini Ranch Cleaning 

  •  Mini Ranch Project Builders

  •  Sorting and Organizing Donations

  •  Meal Prep and Cooking

  •  Shuttle drivers

Child Abuse Statistics

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KT Mini Ranch

 KT's Mini Ranch day use therapy center where kids, mothers and military get to come out for the day and enjoy all the property has to offer with counselor's, coaches, mentors and volunteers. Kevin wanted to create a fun loving home with home cooked meals or barbequing and offer amenities for them to enjoy such as a fishing pond with dock, large fenced in area for kids to run around and play sports, petting zoo, gardens, there is a treed park with sitting areas, cooking stations, picnic area, firepits and coming soon we will offer a art room, music room, counselor room/media, storage, therapy Atv and UTV rides and we will be adding workshops and events through the year


Winston is a English Mastiff and a loveable and a gentle giant who is expected to reach roughly 240lbs. We are in search of a trainer for Winston, who will be trained as a PTSD therapy dog and do routine visits to shelters to offer a new companion to children, families in shelters, catch him on the strip in town, in our truck with his face blowing in the wind or at our KT Mini Ranch! 

P.S - If you see Winston around give him a high 5



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